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The current version of the London Parks Way website was created in March 2021 using the Wix website builder. This replaces the previous MrSite  website which existed between 2015 and 2020.

IThe entire route was rewalked  by me in Oct/Nov 2022 following the route instructions in the Route section. The biggest change results from Historic Royal Palaces restricting access to to the gardens and the maze in Hampton Court.. We used to be able to use a side gate from the palace  passing the front entrance of Hampton Court Palace  and go via the gardens and maze and exit via the Lions Head Gate to go to Bushy Park.  The toilets in the grounds are now no longer accessible which means that the only toilets available in stage 1 of the walk are now in the Pleasantry Plantation in Bushy Park. A short road section now takes you around Hampton Court Palace to the entrance to Bushy Park.

All the links within the Notes section have been checked and updated where necessary.

Due to the limitation of the Wix development system there is no Contact Us form. Please contact me regarding any queries at Rob Myers at London Parks Way Info.




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